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You can use the factchat to discuss with other users.

This is how you use the factchat...

Open the factchat
If there is no button in the header of your platform, you can find the factchat in the service-filing "Dialog" above the list of forums. In order to open the service-filing, choose "Dialog" from the drop-down menu in the box "" in the options area (left column).

users - factchat zugang [en] - 267476.2

Technical requirements

As soon as you open factchat, a Java applet is loaded. This is why you need a java-enabled web browser to initiate a factchat session.

Normally, there should not be any problems starting factchat. In case there are, please check your browser settings:

MS Internet Explorer
(1) Click on "Tools - Internet Options - Advanced" in your browser.
(2) Search for “Microsoft VM” and select “JIT compiler for virtual
      machine enabled.”
(3) Save your settings by clicking on “OK”.
(4) Close all Internet Explorer windows and restart the browser.

Mozilla Firefox
(1) Click on "Edit > Preferences - Content" in your browser.
(2) Select “Enable Java” and "Enable JavaScript".
(3) Save your settings by clicking on “OK”.
(4) Close all Firefox windows and restart the browser.

If there are still problems, read through the following information:
allgemein - pfeil extern - 236706.2

Choose chatroom
If you start the factchat, a window opens showing all available chatrooms. Click on one of the chatrooms.

Choose color
If there is only one chatroom available, you will be immediately asked to choose a color. Click on one of the offered colors. For an extended choice of colors, click on "more colors...".

users - factchat farbauswahl - 242413.1

As soon as you have selected a color, the chatroom opens. On the left side, you see all participants. On the right side, you can see the messages of each participant.

users - factchat chatmode [de] - 267484.1

Write messages
In order to write messages, click anywhere within the grey area (see picture above, point 1). The text input cursor appears and you can type your text message. Use your mouse to move and position your text anywhere on the chatboard. Press ENTER to send your message.

Orientation and overview
In order to distinguish between old and new messages, old messages start to fade and disappear into the background eventually (see picture above, point 1). Recent messages are most visible (see picture above, point 2).

The zoomer on the right side (see picture above, point 4) allows you to determien how many messages should be displayed at the same time.

You can test the factchat at any time:
allgemein - pfeil extern - 236706.2 www.factchat.com

Author: Astrid Holzhauser, CK; Copyright: factline Webservices GmbH; Published by: factline Webscervices GmbH (factline7)
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