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Editing function in structure

This function allows to select, to move, to edit or to delete single facts and/or files out of the "Structure".



Bearbeitungsfunktion in Struktur - 255674.2



To select facts and files, just click on one or more checkboxes. checkbox - 178512.1

To simply move a fact, use the arrows next to the checkboxes. Use this Sortierpfeil in Struktur - 255708.1 arrow to change the arrangement of your facts and files. Use this Verschubpfeil in Struktur - 255706.1 arrow to move files and facts into another file. 

With this Sortierpfeil in Struktur - 255708.1 arrow top right you are able to move facts and files to superordinate files.



Bearbeitunsmenü in Struktur - 255690.2



Select files and facts can also be directly edited, shorcuts and facts deleted, facts and files published by the editing menu bar. 

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