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Create a fact - step 3



Fill out the input mask with “TinyMCE“ editor.


tinymce_overview.png - 1123624.2

With TinyMCE you have the possibility to format your texts.
tinymce_icon_factlink.png - 1123596.2Link with a “factlink“ to another fact on your platform.
tinymce_icon_factinclude.png - 1123600.2Include other facts in the fact you are already working on.
Also take the opportunity to beautify your text with images tinymce_icon_factimg.png - 1123604.2 or to add a file tinymce_icon_factfsfile.png - 1123608.2.

Use Link_icon - 1121073.1 to link  or Unlink Icon - 1123612.1 to remove links.

Design tables  Table Icon - 1123620.1 and use the right mouse button to optimise the settings of your table.

In addition you are free to use the HTML Icon - 1123616.1-mode to refine your input.

Use the tab “Preview“ to check your input. After switching back to the “Edit“-mode and after setting the “Permissions“ and “Meta data“ „Publish“ your fact.


Congratulations - you now have created a new fact.  



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