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Multiple List Actions

After implementing the feature "Multiple list actions" the LIST of facts on an FCS platform consists of the following components:


Main part:

a freely customizable set of columns that gives information for the facts in the list. These columns are configured in padmin.


Sorting headers:

These are links that contain the title of the columns in the list. The sorting headers can be available for each column, placed above it. By clicking on such link, the list of facts can be sorted ascendingly or descendingly.  Sorting header links can be disabled by the padmin.


Available sorting headers:

  • icon
  • title
  • shortname
  • filename
  • filesize
  • comments
  • children
  • edit versions
  • characters
  • infoid
  • publisher
  • published

 Action checkbox:

 This is a checkbox for each row in the list, by which the actions in the list are possible.



 Move controls:

Move controls are available in the Structure list . Yow first have to check the Action checkbox of the fact or folder and then move it to another folder or in upper level via the move controls:


move controls.PNG - 1421263.1




 Action controls:


 Depending on the selected action checkboxes, action controls can be enabled or disabled:


Disabled action controls:

 dis_action_controls.PNG - 1599870.1
Partial enabled action controls:

ena_action_controls.PNG - 1599871.1


Action controls are placed under the Structure list .

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