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Send fact to a friend

With the functionality "Send to a friend" users on your platform are enabled to send facts either to other users, to a group of users or to an e-mail address.

Working steps:

|1| Choose "Interface“ in the main menu.

|2| Then click the  "modify“-button in the row "Advanced page layout configuration".


|3| Fix necessary settings in the "SEND TO A FRIEND INTERFACES" area .


#58 Display form for these services: 

Choose the fact-types you'd like to equip with the sending tool.



#59 Allow sending to a user: 

Choose if it should be possible to key in the username for sending a fact.


#60 Allow sending to a group:

Enable sending a fact to a whole group. 


#61 Allow sending to an e-mail:

Enable sending a fact to an e-mail address with this checkbox.



#62.A Include fact's content: 

Enables sending the fact-content via e-mail. Text and images will be displayed in the e-mail directly, files are ready for downloading. 


#62.B Allow extending permissions

This allows you to give permanent read permissions to a permanent user. If activated, you will see an acces option in the send to a friend interface, where you can activate this, and na validation form.

#62.C Show button in lists

Enabkes sending one or more facts at once to user(s), group or email(s)

#63 Form title:  Enter optionally a form title.
#64 Form always open:

Check this box if you want to have the e-mail form opened at any time. Otherwise a red link (left - under the meta information) appears to click on.


#65 E-mail subject: 

Enter a subject here . If not "fact erhalten: <title>" appears by default. You have also the possibility to change the subject of every service separately.


#66 E-mail body: 

Here you have the possibility to change the following standard body.


<body style="font-family: sans-serif">Sehr geehrte/r <b><recepient></b>,<br/>
Der User <b><firstname> <lastname></b> hat Ihnen folgendes fact via Email geschickt:<br/>
<a href="<facturl>"><facturl></a></a><br/>
<hr size="1">
<hr size="1">
Um dieses fact ansehen zu können, klicken Sie untenstehenden Link. Sollte das nicht funktionieren, kopieren Sie die untenstehende Url und fügen Sie diese in die Adresszeile Ihres Browsers ein.<br/>
<a href="<platformurl>"><platformurl></a></a></body>

|4|  With "Save changes" all your settings are fixed.


Author: factline Webservices GmbH; Copyright: factline Webservices GmbH; Published by: factline Webservices (factline5)
factID: 1149469.15 (...history); published on 03 May. 2011 10:25
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