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Functional Hierarchy
To be able to run a FCS-platform, people with three different levels of privileges are needed. In order to better understand and operate the functionalities of FCS, we would like to begin by giving you a short explanation of the three levels:

There are 3 levels of privileges in the functional hierarchy:
  1. System administrator ("s-admin")

  2. Platform administrator ("p-admin")

  3. Users

In order to better understand the connection between these three levels, we want to explain it with the analogy of the construction and use of a house:

  • The purchaser (designer) announces how the house (in our case, the platform) should appear.

  • The system administrator (builder) transfers a ready-made, turnkey house (platform) to one or more platform administrators (new owners).

  • The platform administrator sets the house rules, divides the users into groups, sets the password for each user, and can also structure the arrangement of the house, (the platform arrangement).

  • A few users just vist the house, others inhabit the house, help with its arrangement, expand or change it, etc.
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