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In-Platform Admin


This functionality enables the P-Admin of a platform to manage groups and users within a platform.


info3 - 125057.2
Currently you are using a Beta-Version. The tool has not been officially released yet.


For activation just login in P-Admin Interface:

Interface> Advanced page layout configuration> IN-PLATFORM (P)ADMIN OPTIONS


Working on the platform: 


  • Log in with your (P-Admin) username.
  • Then change the url in the address bar of your browser into: http://url/admin/main.htm?/forumid=XXX 


After clicking "Users management"  an overview of  all users will be displayed and contains:


  • username (click the link to see the user's profile)
  • first and last name of a user
  • date of registration
  • name of company (optional)
  • informationen about last login
  • information about membership of  number of groups/groupnames in detail
  • possibilities to edit 


What else can you do?


  • Register new users on your platform
  • Change, if required, passwords of the users who registered on fcs via your platform
  • Manage the memberships of groups (of your users)
  • Delete, if required, users of your platform
  • Update the profiles of your users


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