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Send to a friend interface

In this section you can enable the Send fact to a friend feature and change its settings.



Display form for these services You can choose the fact types that can be sent to a friend.
Allow sending to a USER Shows user selector.
Allow sending to a GROUP  Shows group selector.
Allow sending to a EMAIL Shows input for any email.
Include fact's CONTENT IF checked, the whole fact will be sent in the email too.
Allow extending permissions!! IF checked, The interface for extending the permissions is enabled, and temporary users can be created when sending to an email. BETA!.
Show button in lists Multiple send to a friend, from structure. BETA!
Form title If you want you can etner a custom title for the form.
Form always open Check the checkbox if you want the "send to a friend form" to be open by default. Othewise there will be a "send to a friend" link that will open the form.
Email subject Default: "fact erhalten: <title>"
Email body You can create a custom message.

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