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 <tagcloud root="123456.0" recursive="1"  fontsizemin="10" fontsizemax="20" realtags="1"/>


Creates a tag cloud for a specified folder if the root parameter is set to a folder. When no root parameter is set, the cloud displays all TAG-folders of the platform-


If root parameter is set, the parameter realtags can be used to only disply TAG-folders (realtags="1") or all folders (realtags="0").


Example: The combination of realtags="0" and root="folderID" will display all contained folders in the specified folder as a tagcloud.


You can specify the font size in pixels for the tags with the least shortcuts by using fontsizemin and for the tags with the most shortcuts by fontsizemax. By using recursive="1" you can show for a tag also the number of shortcuts for the contained tags.




info3 - 125057.2
You can use this tag only in html mode and at the very beginning of the html text you should type <advancedparser/>! 



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