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Responsibilities of the p-admin

After the s-admin has completed the initial setup of the platform, according to the customer's specifications, and linked it with the desired internet domain, he/she turns the platform over to the platform administrator.

At this point, no one can create content on the platform, not even the p-admin, because no permissions have been assigned yet. Users can only register themselves and change their settings.

In this initial phase, the p-admin has to:

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If desired, factline can support you in the beginning as a p-admin. factline can take over the tasks of the platform administrator in the beginning. In addition, we offer advice on how to organise a platform.

As soon as the initial phase has been completed, users can create and view content, get into contact with other users (ping, chat…)  - provided they have been granted permission to do so.

As concerns the maintenance of the platform, the p-admin has to:

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