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Design of the System

The design of FCS platforms greatly differs from common software products. Therefore, it is essential to understand the basic design of the system.

Each FCS platform disposes of an individually selected choice of so-called "Content Services". Upon request, services can be activated and deactivated later on.

Basically, services allow you to publish different types of content (e.g. a text, a file, a picture). Subsequently, each service allows for a distinctive presentation of content types. As a result, a normal text looks different from a picture.

Each content item is referred to as a "fact".

All facts of a particular service are saved in separate repositories called "service filings". The repositories can be accessed via the main menu or the service box in the options area.

The service "Structure" consists of folders which can be organised hierarchically. Folders can be used to order facts thematically.

Folders always contain shortcuts. Basically, a shortcut is a link to an original fact which is stored in the respective service filing. Subsequently, it is possible to assign one fact to several different folders.


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