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To give an overview of your platform contents you can create a structure-tree with folders and shortcuts. You can do this in the area “structure”.

Connection Structure – Services
Services are like pots where you archive the originals of different fact-types. In the structure-area you can structure all kinds of fact-types so that the correlation between these facts is seen (like an index or directory).

This structure-tree can be built with folders and shortcuts. Shortcuts are only a copie of the title with a link to the real fact in the background. A click on the shortcut opens the real fact.

The content exists in the service-"pots" independently from the structure-tree. The structure consists only of shortcuts (“links”) to the real facts and they can be grouped in folders. Not all facts have to appear in the structure-tree, but you can include several shortcuts to one single fact on different places in the structure-tree. Width and depth of the structure-tree are optional. Shortcuts can be created and deleted as often as you want. The real fact will not be affected by this.

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Menu bar: Upon request it is possible to add buttons in the main menu bar to certain folders or shortcuts of the structure-tree.

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