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Possibility 1 - Create a shortcut in structure

(1) Navigate to the folder where the new shortcut should be created.

(2) Now you have two possibilities:
(a) Click on "add" next to the folder title.


(b) Click on “add a shortcut” in the options area (left column).
(3) Depending on which option you chose in step 2, proceed as follows:
(a) Choose "Add a shortcut" from the selection interface.

users - shortcut anlegen add [en] - 263873.2

(b) continue with step 4!
(4) The next page is divided into two different areas:
At the top is a search mask used to retrieve infoIDs.
At the bottom are two input fields for the infoID (main part and version number).

users - shortcut anlegen suche [en] - 134560.3

(5) If you conduct a search, you receive a list of results of matching facts together with their infoIDs.

users - shortcut anlegen suchergebnis [en] - 238725.4

(6) Choose the respective fact from the list.
(a) If you want to create a shortcut to the latest version available click on the infoID.
(b) If you want to create a shortcut which always leads to the latest version available,
      click on "latest".
(7) The input fields at the bottom are automatically filled with the infoID.

Click on "next >>" to create a shortcut.

Author: Astrid Holzhauser, CK; Copyright: factline Webservices GmbH; Published by: Webservices factline 4 (factline4)
factID: 134566.7 (...history); published on 10 Aug. 2009 17:42
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