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Quesitons and Answers Settings

To enable the Service functoin Question and Answers on your platform:


|1| go to Padmin > Services


|2| to set the permissions for Q&A click on the "perm." button next to "Questions and answers"


|3| to modify the properties of the Service Q&A click on the "modify" button:


                    |a| to set a new category first create a folder on the platform and then paste the infoID of the folder in the field "Add a new category root":




categories root padmin q&a - 1406520.1


   You can remove, move up or move down the already created categories via the buttons, thus you determine where the tabs of the categories will be placed in the interface.


                      |b| To define priorities type in the first field of section "Add a new priority"  the sign for the priority and in the second - the name. Then click on "Add priority".



prioroties padmin - 1406743.1


 In the list of priorities you can change their order via the buttons "move up" and "move down" or to delete them with "remove".


 Please, note: The number of the priorities is the defining factor in the database. For example if you have a priority number 1 called "medium", if you move another priority called "high" into the number 1 slot, then all existing questions with priority number 1 will be seen with "high" priority. It is advised that priorities are created once per platform, and never changed afterwards.

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