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factinclude for folders
<factinclude id.v/>


factinclude can take the following parameters:

  • orderby



    With this attribute you can specify the order by which the facts will be displayed.


    Possible values:

    • published - sorts by date of publishing
    • publisher - sorts by the username of the publisher
    • title
    • doctype - sorts by the type of the fact: image, text, download, etc.


    info3 - 125057.2

    Please, note that this attribute works together with orderbydirection.  

  • orderbydirection



    With this attribute you can specify the direction of the sort: descending or ascending.


    Possible values:

    • asc
    • desc


    info3 - 125057.2

    Please, note that this attribute works wogether with orderby

  • display



    With this parameter you can define which collumns of the folder will be displayed in the fact. Icon, title and infoid are all the three possibilities you can use.



    info3 - 125057.2

    Attention: if you want this parameter to work correctly, you schould NOT use blank spaces between the quotational marks and the commas.

  • titlestyle

    titlestyle="text-decoration: none;"


    Between the quotation marks you can use css codes to define the style of the titles. The style will be attached to the <a> link of the title link. This won't change the general view of the fact's title, this will add a style only to the title in the fact, where the folder or the fact is included.


    For example:

    "text-decoration: none;" can be replaced with "color:#cc0000; font-style:italic;" etc.

  • cuttitleatlenght



    With this parameter you can set the length of the titles of the facts.


    info3 - 125057.2

    Attention: The value between the quotation marks must be equal or bigger than 10. The measure is in characters.

  • foldersonly

    foldersonly="1" or foldersonly="0"


    You can set the factinclude of the folder to show only folders (value 1) or to show all facts (value 0).

  • levels



    This parameter defines how many levels deep to display.


    info3 - 125057.2

    Note: The default value is 1 and the maximum, that can be set, is 10.


  • dontdisplaylines

    dontdisplaylines="1" or dontdisplaylines="0"


    If the levels are more than one, and you don't want to see the line connectors between the folders, type value 1. Otherwise type value 0, or leave the autotune.

  • includeall

    includeall="1" or includeall="0"


    This is a special mode of a factinclude for a folder or factlist. If you set the value 1 to the "includeall", only the facts inside the folder(s) will be included one after another. If there are one or more sub-folders in the folder, you should define the level.


    info3 - 125057.2

    Note: If you use the parameter "includeall", all facts will be displayed with their titles, but they won't be links. In order to change that, you should use "titlelink" in addition.

    info3 - 125057.2

    Important: You can use all options that are available for the includes of facts. For instance you can use the full functionality of the display option in order to have a full list of all facts in the folder(s) with all contained therein information.

  • titlelink

    titlelink="1" or titlelink="0"


    If you specify the parameter "includeall" and want to make the titles of the facts to be links to the actual facts, you should add "titlelink" and assign to it a value 1.

  • itemtemplate



    Between the quotation marks you should put the id.v of the text fact that should be used as a template for displaying of each row.

  • spacertemplate



    itemtemplate can be used in addition to factinclude to improve the graphical visualisation. You can use the parameter spacertemplate to define how the rows between the factincludes should appear.


    info3 - 125057.2

    Caution: spacertemplate will not work if you don't use factinclude. 

  • noaddnewlink

    noaddnewlink="1" or noaddnewlink="0"

    When including a folder this parameter gives the option to show(="0") or not to show(="1") the link for adding new facts bellow the factlist.

  • limit



    This attribute restricts the number of shown facts.

  • teaser



    You can show a defined number of characters in each factinclude.

  • includeall_itemclass



    You can put a name of a CSS class between the quotes and apply this style to all included facts.


For example:


<factinclude 1107069.0  display="icon, title, infoid" foldersonly="1"  levels="3"  dontdisplaylines="1" /> 


In the example above will be shown the icon, title and infoid of folders, which the folder with id=1107069.0  contain. If the folders have subfolders they will be also shown up to the 3rd level and and the lines that connect the folders and subfolders won`t be shown.

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