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includeall="1" or includeall="0"


This is a special mode of a factinclude for a folder or factlist. If you set the value 1 to the "includeall", only the facts inside the folder(s) will be included one after another. If there are one or more sub-folders in the folder, you should define the level.


info3 - 125057.2

Note: If you use the parameter "includeall", all facts will be displayed with their titles, but they won't be links. In order to change that, you should use "titlelink" in addition.

info3 - 125057.2

Important: You can use all options that are available for the includes of facts. For instance you can use the full functionality of the display option in order to have a full list of all facts in the folder(s) with all contained therein information.

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