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  • display

    display="icon, title, link, text, other data, metainfo"


    Write the fact components separated by a comma which you want to be displayed.

    info3 - 125057.2

    Attention: if you want this parameter to work correctly, you schould NOT use blank spaces between the quotational marks and the commas.

  • editinclude

    editinclude="1" or editinclude="0"


    The included fact can(value 1) or cannot(value 0) be edited from the fact in which it is included.

  • nocomment

    nocomment="1" or nocomment="0"


    When editinclude="1", you can specify if to display the comments(value 0) of the included fact or not(value 1).

    info3 - 125057.2

    Attention: if editinclude="0", nocomment will take no effect, no matter what value do you assign to it!

  • nobreak

    nobreak="1" or nobreak="0"


    There is no (by using of value 1) or there is (by using of value 0) a blank line between the included fact and the rest of the fact (e.g. another included fact).

  • cuttitleto



    You can set the maximum length  of the included fact with cuttitle. In the example above if the title of the included fact is longer than 15 characters only the first 15 characters will be shown.

  • itemtemplate



    Between the quotation marks you should put the id.v of the text fact that should be used as a template for displaying of each row.

  • maximagewidth , maximageheight

    maximagewidth="..." , maximageheight="..."


    You can use these two options if you want to make a factinclude of an image fact. This way you can custumize the size of the image and have also it's description in the factinclude (which is actually the difference with the factimage).

    info3 - 125057.2

    The values between the quotation marks are in pixels.

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