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RSS button adjustment

After you have enabled the RSS feed, you can modify the button options. In order to do this, please, follow these steps:


|1| Go to pAdmin>RSS Feed>RSS Feed button options and click the icon design_options.gif - 1473254.1 next to the Option


|2| Next you will see the following form:


rss button - 1180339.1


|3| There are 3 possibilities to adjust the button:


|a| You can select either to show the button or not on the platform


|b| If you want the button to be shown, you can then select where to be placed.


|c| When the checkbox of the third option is checked, you will be able to see only the recent changes that were made by you. Otherwise, you will see the latest changes from all users of the platform.


When ready with the changes, click on Save changes.

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