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RSS feed button options

After you have enabled the RSS feed, you can adjust the source of the button and the meta tag.


In order to do this, please, follow these steps:


|1| Go to pAdmin > RSS Feed > RSS meta tag options (browser detect) and click on the modify-icon design_options.gif - 1473254.1 .


|2| Next you will see the following form:


meta_tag_option.PNG - 1473279.1


|3| In the section RSS Button source you can choose from 3 options:


|a| DEFAULT - uses the feed of the current page the user is. For Example, if the user is in a folder called "Administration" he/she will be able to see only the feeds from this folder.


|b| Use the platform MAIN feed - no matter were the user is, he/she will see the main feed of the platform.


|c| You can also use a custom feed. In order to do it, in the white fields you should specify the full feed url, and a feed title.


|4| When Meta TAG auto-detect source  is enabled, it appears as a RSS button in the URL field:


RSS_button_URL.PNG - 1473277.1


For this button  are 3 options to choose from, which functions are exactly the same, as the listed above.


If you want to create a RSS Feed to a specific service, you should type for example the following link in the input field "feed url":

where 101 the ID of the platform is and texts the name of the service.


          |5| When you are done customizing, click on Save changes.

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