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How can I keep an overview of my documents?

You have two possibilities:

Factlist & search:

With the help of the factlist you can easily list all documents of a specific publisher.
(1) Make sure that you are logged in.
(2) Go to Factlist&Search via the search box.
(3) Click on "more options" to the right.
(4) Click on the first checkbox located in the third line ("show only my facts").
(5) Click on "Search".
(6) You will get a list with all facts, that you have created/edited.

You can save this list as a standard view, wich will be shown immediately after you click on "Factlist&Search". To do this, after step five above, also put a tick on the checkbox "save this search as default" next to the "Search" button.
This function offers regular notifications via email about the development of the facts. For the necessary settings, please read about Notification.



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