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When do I have the right to delete and/or edit something?

When the publisher (creator) during creation of a fact has assigned one (or many) group(s) write permissions, the members of that group(s) can edit and delete. If no group is permitted, then only the creator himself can edit and delete. Even a P-admin in this case cannot interfere and gain access. In urgent cases a S-admin can interfere here.

Exception: In forum (dialog), after a posting is created nobody can edit and delete it (see Can I delete a message in the Forum?). However, there is a possibility for several topics and/or postings, and their associated replies, to be hidden. This way for example old non-relevant discussions can be separated out.

"Text" and "News" are two different and they differ between each other in three aspects:

(1) Input:
Service "Text" allows free texts to be entered, and formatted in any desired way.
Service "News" offers a predefined input form. This enables easy standardized input of specific data.

(2)View (full text):
"Text"-facts can form the content in format and design very much different from each other.
"News"-facts begin with a standardized listing of specific data. Still subsequently additional free text can be written.

(3) Lists (title):
Facts (all fact types) can be thematically structured in folders in Structure, or can be viewed in a sorted list in the appropriate service area (all facts of the same type).

Listing in the service:
In general every list in each service can be sorted according to the metadata (editor, title, date …).
The service News (as well as Events, Links, Library) additionally offer an extra filter by topic. This way the titles list can be filtered by a pre-defined type. In additionally, News (and Events), can be filtered by certain time periods.

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