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Create a custom box

On FCS it is possible to create custom boxes which can be displayed in the left frame of a platform. The advantage is that you can easily manage its content (different from the predefined boxes) and define who will have the rights to see it. In order to create such boxes, please follow these steps:


Note that you have to be a P-admin to have the privilege to manage the order of the boxes and their creation.


|1| Create a fact.


|2| Define who will be able to see the content of the box and set the permissions .


|3| Copy the infoID of the fact and paste it in Padmin > Interface > Defining boxes > new custom box.


Examples of custom boxes and their purposes:


1). Box for In-Platform Admin. In HTML-mode of the editor paste the following code:



<adminlink>User administration</adminlink>



Here we use the tag adminlink.


2). Box with options for printing a page and downloading as pdf file



<printpreview><img src="/images/printer.gif" border="0"/></printpreview>

<img src="/images/nix.gif"/><printpreview> Print this page</printpreview><br>

<pdfdownload  nolinks="1" target="_blank" ><img src="/images/1506011.0" border="0"/></pdfdownload>

<img src="/images/nix.gif"/><pdfdownload  nolinks="1" target="_blank" >Download as PDF</pdfdownload>




In the highlighted text you should change the infoID with the id of uploaded imagepdf_icon - 1506011.1 on your platfrom 


3). Message box, where you can place any text and change it. You do not have to be in HTML-Mode to place text - just use a Text-fact in Editor-Mode.

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