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Assign service permissions

Default permissions are used as a kind of recommendation during the publishing process. These recommendations are displayed as pre-selection offered to users when it comes to assigning permissions during the publishing process. The default pemissions are set by the P-admin for each service.

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If a fact is created in a folder, the permissions of the respective folder are automatically recommended during the publishing process. Default permissions only apply if facts are published in the respective content-service.

The default permissions have different function from the service permissions.




(1) The default permissions set by the Padmin for the Structure Service:


default permissions set by the padmin.PNG - 1463086.2


(2) Now when a user creates content in the Structure, he/she will be offered the following permissions:


recommended permissions.PNG - 1463099.1


In order to assign service permissions, proceed as follows:

|1| Choose "" from the main menu by clicking on it.

|2| Now, you see a list of all services which are available on your platform. Choose a service by clicking on the "perm."-button next to it.

|3| On the next page, all available user groups are displayed in rows. In the columns you see the permission settings. "read" stands for view, "write" for create and "modify" for edit.

You need to assign "access" and "standard" permissions for each service by clicking in the respective checkboxes.

read/write permissions (access):

"access + read" Defines whether a group has access to a service via the header. [Only applies to platforms with standard header.]
"access + write" Defines whether a group is allowed to create facts of this specific service.

recommendation for permissions for all facts of the service (standard):

"standard + read" As a p-admin, you suggest that users of this group should be provided with read-permissions.
"standard + modify" As a p-admin, you suggest that users of this group should be provided with modify-permissions.

Click on the "set permissions“-button, to save your selection 

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Example: For better understanding, read through the following example for the service "image".

 Services with different permission options
Some services have differing permission options:
structure -- comment  --  factchat  -- userprofile -- users online -- cloning -- TinyMCE

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