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Create/edit e-mail templates

E-mail templates define the content and layout of automatic e-mail messages sent by the system. A newly registered user automatically receives his/her password via e-mail, for instance. The p-admin can personalize the text of the e-mail templates.

First, the general procedure will be explained. Examples for adjustments in the main input field ("Body") are given afterwards.

In order to create an e-mail template, proceed as follows:

Choose "Messages" from the main menu by clicking on it.

|2| Click on the “modify”-button next to “Email templates”.

|3| If your platform has just been created, you will see a list of standardized e-mail templates. In order to change one of the templates, click on the "modify"-button in the respective row. If one of the templates is still missing, click on the respective link on the left side.

|4| In order to create a new e-mail template, fill out the following input fields:

Sender email: Fill in the sender's email address.
Sender names: Fill in the sender's name (e.g. name of the platform or of the p-admin).
Subject: Fill in the subject of the e-mail (e.g. "Your registration").
Body: Create the e-mail text (see examples below!)
Encoding: In case your users are mainly from the western European area,
you can keep to the “default”.


Notice: Tags used in the email templates

|5| Click on “add” or “save changes” in order to save the template.



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