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Metatags for search engines

It is important to define "Metatags" for your platform. This way, your platform will be found and registered more easily by search engines and their robots. Metatags usually comprise information on authors, content, keywords and copyright for instance. You can easily define metatags for your platform in the p-admin interface.


In order to define metatags, proceed as follows:

Choose "Meta info" from the main menu.

|2| IClick on the "modify"-button in the row "Metatags".

|3| Fill out the input fields:

The "revisit-after" input field tells search engines in which time intervals they should search the content of the platform. Use the following format e.g. "20 days".

Name of the author of a platform.

Here you can indicate the language in which content on the platform is written. Use language abbreviations e.g. German = de, English = en, Spanish = es. You can find a list of all language abbreviations under the following URL:
allgemein - pfeil extern - 236706.2 http://de.selfhtml.org/diverses/sprachenkuerzel.htm

Here you can indicate who owns the copyright for content on your platform. You can also insert an URL where all copyright information is located.

Here you can indicate who is responsible for the data publication. This can either be the author himself/herself or a publishing house, for instance.

Here you can indicate co-author(s) or person(s) who have made considerable contributions (e.g. translator). Separate the names with commas.

|4| Now, there are three input fields left:

You can enter the description (description of content) and the keywords in several languages. Do not forget to indicate the respective language abbreviation (see DC.language).

Enter a language abbreviation.

This text is displayed in the list of results of a search engine.

Keywords are used to describe your platform. People who search for one of these keywords should be directed to your platform by the search engine. Do not enter too many keywords. It is recommended to enter not more than 20 keywords. It makes sense to list the words in singular and plural.

|5| Click on "save" to submit your settings.

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