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Design a header

The header of your platform can be customized according to your wishes. You can change simple things like text color, text size, background colour yourself. At the moment, more advanced design can only be implemented by factline Webservices GmbH upon request.

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Advanced header design:
If factline has created an advanced design for you, you must not use the header design interface in the p-admin interface, otherwise you will delete the header created by factline.

In order to adjust the header design, proceed as follows:

Choose "Interface" from the main menu.

|2| Click on the "modify"-button next to "Header design".

|3| At the top, you can see an image with letters and numbers in it. The numbers refer to input fields where you can make your adjustments:

Point (1): Here you can change the platform title, and the font type for text in the header.
Point (2): Insert a character which should be placed between the menu buttons (e.g. "-" or "|").
Point (3 - 6): Choose the background color for the different parts of the header.
Point (1, 7 – 8): Choose a text size and text color.
Point (A – C): Choose the height (in pixels) of the header parts of the header.
Point (9 – 10): Choose the space (in pixels) around the partner image.

Click on “Save Changes” to save your adjustments.


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