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Take a Fact Snapshot

In order to create a snapshot, proceed as follows:


(1) Open the service-filing "Fact snapshot". In order to do so, choose "Fact snapshot" from the drop-down menu   in the options area (left column).


service snapshot.png - 1408752.1


(2)  Click on the button  create_snapshot.PNG - 1670165.1 


(3)  Now you have a new snapshot including all facts created scince the last snapshot has been taken.



new snapshot - 1408705.1




(4) Click on the button "Create snapshot" to be able to download the new snapshot.


button create snapshot - 1408706.1


(5) If you want to download the list with all facts included in the snapshot, click on the button "download".



new snapshot.PNG - 1408709.1




You can download previosly created snapshots from the service-filling "Fact snapshot", too.



info3 - 125057.2

Please, note that your sets the date from which the created facts could be downloaded.

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