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Multiple permissions change

You can change at one step the permissions of several facts or folders. In order to do so, please proceed as follows:


(1) Go to the Structure list or navigate to the containing folder.


change_permissions_multiple.png - 1667026.1 


(2) Put a tick in the Action checkbox next to each fact/folder which permissions you want to change.


(3) Click on the "change permissions" action control change_permissions_icon.png - 1667032.1 .


(4) Set the desired permissions.


multiple_permissions_2.PNG - 1600380.1


(5) Now you have two options:


 (5.1) Set completely new permissions for the selected facts/folders without preserving the old ones. This will result in generating a new versions of the facts.


 (5.2) Extend the existing permissions with "read" for other groups. This option will not generate new version of the facts.


(6) Click on "Publish".

Author: Webservices factline 4; Copyright: factline Webservices GmbH; Published by: Ivo Marinov (factline3)
factID: 1666132.4 (...history); published on 18 Jan. 2012 09:46