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Possibility 1- Create a shortcut in a folder or in structure


(1) Navigate to the folder where the new shortcut should be created.

(2)  Click on add_shortcut.PNG - 1668282.1located at the bottom of the fact list.


(3)  A new interface opens:


add_shortcut_in_a_folder.PNG - 1668285.1

At the top there is

                   (a) a tab "enter infoID", where you can define the  infoID of the shortcut.

                   (b) a search input mask . You can search a fact by key word. If you make a search, you get a list of results of matching facts together with their infoIDs.
                   (c) a tab "browse structure ", where you can navigate to the folder, where the desired fact is located

                   (d) a tab "Latest changes"  where you can see the lately published facts.

(4) Click on "Insert"

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