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Users have different rights depending on the group(s) they are assigned to and the permissions these groups have been granted. In general, a user can only see services and contents for which he/she has been authorized.


A user can:

  • change his/her " (address, telephone number, photo, password,...)
  • order automatic e-mail notification about changes on the platform
  • view content (The permission system controls who sees what.)
  • create content (The permission system controls who is able to create content.)
  • link pieces of content with each other
  • change content (The permission system controls who is able to edit content.)
  • delete content (The permission system controls who is able to delete content.)
  • set permissions for new or edited content
  • get into contact with other users (ping, chat…), if these services are activated

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 A user sees the groups the p-admin has defined and can decide which groups he/she would like to grant read/write permissions for his/her content. However, a user cannot add his/her own groups. 

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