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Introduction to platform administration
The goal of this online manual is to describe and explain the tasks of platform administrators ("P-Admin") on the factline Community Server (FCS). All steps are illustrated with screenshots. Moreover, you will find useful hints and tips for improving your FCS platform.

The tasks of a platform administrator are divided into five major areas:

1. Area - Configuration of the platform
2. Area - Adaption of system messages
3. Area - Configuration of additional features
4. Area - Design of the platform
5. Area - Maintenance of the platform

You can download a printversion of the manual ("P-admin manual (PDF)"). However, we recommend the online version as it is always up to date. In addition, a and a search function is at your disposal at this information platform.

Author: Astrid Holzhauser; Copyright: factline Webservices GmbH; Published by: Angela Gamsriegler (gamsrieglera)
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