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Guarantee of existence (GOE)

There is the possibility to provide content (facts) of an FCS platform with a guarantee of existence (GOE).

If desired, the s-admin activates this option and sets a GOE maximum. Afterwards, the p-admin needs to do some adjustments.




|1| Choose "Guarantee" from the main menu by clicking on it. A page loads which shows you the chosen mode. If you want to switch between the modes, click on the "switch mode"-button in the middle.

guarantee_mode - 178772.2


|2| Decide on one mode:

In "advanced mode", you decide which user groups are allowed to set guarantees of existence for content.

In "simple mode", you fix a GOE-date which is automatically used during the publication of content.

|3| Go through the following steps:

|a| advanced:
Step 1: set GOE Maximum
Step 2: set GOE minimum and default
Step 3: Limitations and permissions per groups
|b| simple:
Step 1: set GOE Maximum
Step 2: set GOE for all facts

info3 - 125057.2
In the meta information, you can see whether a fact has a guarantee of existence or not.

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