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simple - Step 2: GOE for all facts

All facts which are published on your platform are automatically with a guarantee of existence (GOE). You can adapt this setting at any time.



|1| Choose one of the following options:

= 0: No fact is provided with a guarantee of existence (GOE). This option is suitable for the initial phase of your platform.
= date: Choose a specific date.
= period: After publication, facts are reliably available for a certain period of time.
= maximum: The fact is reliably available until the GOE maximum set in step one. You can extend the GOE maximum at any time.


pAdmin - goe all facts - 178905.3


Click on “Save changes”.

Author: Astrid Holzhauser; Copyright: factline Webserivces GmbH; Published by: Ivo Marinov (factline3)
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