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advanced - Step 2: set GOE minimum and default

A default assists users in assigning a guarantee of existence during the publishing process. The GOE minimum ensures that no fact is published without a guarantee of existence.


|1| Click on the checkbox next to “default”.

|2| Choose a date or period of time. (You can see the current maximum at the top in the system info).


pAdmin - goe default - 238131.2
= 0 No fact is provided with a guarantee of existence (GOE). This option is suitable for the initial phase of your platform.
= date: Choose a specific date.
= period: After publication, facts are reliably available for a certain period of time.
= maximum: The fact is reliably available until the GOE maximum set in step one. You can extend the GOE maximum at any time.

If required, click on the checkbox next to the “set minimum”

pAdmin - goe minimum - 238132.2

Choose a date or a period of time.

Click on “Save changes”

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