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Export literature-facts

You can export data from the content "Literature" into a spread-sheet program (e.g. MS Excel,Open Office,...).


Click on "Search".

(2) Choose "literature" from the drop-down menu "by type" and click on "search".

(3) A list of results showing all available literature-facts will be generated. Below, the list of results an export menu is displayed.

If you do not see the export menu, ask your platform administrator to activate this feature.

users - suche literaturexport [en] - 190523.4

Decide whether the meta data should also be exported.

(5) Choose a suitable separator. In most cases, a comma is needed. In exceptional cases you must select semicolon (e.g. If you open the file in MS Excel 97).

(6) Click on the “download” button

(7) Save the .csv-file on your computer.

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