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Working with epoz-facttext editor

The epoz-facttext editor allows you to write and format text. It only uses internal browser functions and Javascript. This is why some details of functionality may vary slightly according to your browser. The epoz-facttext editor works in Internet Explorer (from version 5.5) and Mozilla-Firefox.

(Problems may occur on computers using WindowsNT in combination with Internet Explorer. However, these problems do not occur when using Mozilla-Firefox.).

After you have opened the input mask proceed as follows:

(1) Click on the button users - epoz button - 202278.2 which is under the input field for text.

(2) Write your text in the editor-window.

(3) In order to format text, you need to click on the respective button in the menu.

users - epoz menu - 202279.3


users - epoz fett - 262653.1
This button allows you to write in bold letters. Example
users - epoz kursiv - 262667.1
This button allows you to write in italic letters. Example
users - epoz unterstrichen - 262683.1
This button allows you do underline text. Example
users - epoz durchgestrichen - 262657.1
Strike through
This button allows you to cross words out. Example
users - epoz tiefgestellt - 262681.1
This ubtton allows you to make subscript letters. Example
users - epoz hochgestellt - 262665.1
This button allows you to make superscript letters. Example
users - epoz formattierung löschen - 202280.2 Delete formatting:
Highlight the piece of text whose formatting you want to delete and click the button.

users - epoz schriftfarbe - 262679.1
Font color
Here you can change the font color.
users - epoz hintergrundfarbe - 262663.1
Background color
Here you can change the background color.

users - epoz linksbündig - 262671.1
Left aligned
Text will be aligned on the left side.
users - epoz zentriert - 262685.1
Text will be displayed in the middle.
users - epoz rechtsbündig - 262675.1
Right aligned
Text will be aligned on the right side.

users - epoz nummerierung - 262673.1
This button allows you to produce a numbered list.
users - epoz aufzählung - 262655.1
This button allows you to produce an unnumbered list.

users - epoz einzug nach links - 262659.1
Left indent
Text will be gradually moved to the left.
users - epoz einzug nach rechts - 262661.1
Right indent
Text will be gradually moved to the right.

users - epoz factlink - 202282.2 Insert a factlink:
Direct the cursor to the desired position and click the "factlink " button. You can either insert the infoID directly (more...) or conduct a search. In order to do so, insert a keyword of the fact you want to link. Choose the desired fact from the list by clicking on it. The infoID of the fact then appears in the position which was chosen in the beginning eg. "[102073.0]". In the final view of the text the infoID will be replaced by the title of the fact.

users - epoz bild einfügen - 202283.2 Insert images:
Direct the cursor to the desired position and click the button. Choose your image by clicking on it.
Please note that you have to upload an image beforehand (For further information see: Insert images).

users - epoz externer link - 202284.2 Create an external link:
Insert a linkname and highlight it. Click the button. Then enter the URL of the website you want to link and click on "OK".

users - epoz linie - 262669.1
This button allows you to insert a line.

users - epoz tabelle einfügen - 202285.2

Create tables:
Click the button and a little pop-up window will open. Insert the number of columns and rows. Please note that only Mozilla-Firefox allows you to add columns or rows later! Finally, indicate whether your table should have a margin or not.


users - epoz undo - 258338.1
This button allows you to undo changes.
users - epoz redo - 262677.1
This button allows you to redo changes.

users - epoz factinclude icon - 249734.1
This button allows you to integrate texts as full text. For further information see chapter "Factinclude".

(4) Save your text and formatting by clicking "next >>".

(5) For further information on how to publish facts see chapter "Publish content".

allgemein - pfeil rechts - 232392.4 continue with:

allgemein - pfeil links - 236705.2 return to:

allgemein - inhaltsverzeichnis - 238405.1 table of contents

Author: Angela Gamsriegler; Copyright: factline Webservices GmbH; Published by: factline Webservices (factline5)
factID: 210520.15 (...history); published on 06 Jul. 2010 11:19
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