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List View in Structure (Thumbnail list)


There are two different types of lists in the service structure:

simple list with title and metadata (allgemein - pfeil rechts - 232392.4 example)

list with image preview for facts of the services "image" and "slideshow" (allgemein - pfeil rechts - 232392.4 example)

If you want to allow users to choose between standard and thumbnail list, you need to enable this option. By doing so, users are provided with a drop-down menu as soon as they create a folder.


In order to enable the thumbnail list option, proceed as follows:

|1| Choose "Interface from the main menu.

Click on the "modify"-button in the row "Define list columns".

|3| Click on the "list"-button in the row "Structure".

Click in the checkbox in the row "Thumbnail list".



structure_lists.png - 208782.2



|5| Finally, click on "Save changes".

Author: Angela Gamsriegler; Copyright: factline Webservices GmbH; Published by: Ivo Marinov (factline3)
factID: 210536.10 (...history); published on 29 Nov. 2010 13:07
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