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The internet offers the possibility to link single pieces of text in order to form so called hypertexts. This is the essence of the internet. It is contrary to printed text which is usually linear.

Additionally, the FCS allows users to insert the title, the text or the description and the metainformation of a fact in its full length into another fact. As a result, dynamic content-items can be combined without redundancies.

This feature is called "factinclude" and is available for all fact-types. The picture below shows how the contents of a folder can be included in a text together with their icon, title and infoID.

Attention! Only content of title-, text-/description-fields can be, as well as meta data included. Above all it is possible to include the link of a file- and a linkfact.

For further details on how to create a "factinclude", see chapter "Create factinclude".

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As of June 2006, the factinclude feature may be used in the epoz-facttext editor.  There is now a button on the right most side that when clicked, brings up another window in which the fact and which fields to be includedcan be chosen.

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