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Delete several facts

In order to delete several facts at once, we recommend proceeding as follows:

(1) Open the folder in which the facts you want to delete are located.

(2) Highlight the facts you want to delete by clicking in the checkboxes on the right side.

delete_facts.PNG - 1506075.1

Now, click on facts_loeschen_icon.png - 273301.2 "delete fact(s)" at the bottom of the list.

(4) Then you are asked to confirm your selection with the following form:

delete.PNG - 1506076.1


(5) If a fact has several versions, you can limit or extend your selection to specific versions. In order to do this, you can use the following options:

  • You can put a tick manually on the factversions
  • Using the "select all" checkbox: This will put ticks on all old versions of the specific fact.
  • Using the "select ALL facts and ALL versions" : This option will select all versions and all facts.
  • Using the "select only OLD versions" : This option will select all old versions of all facts.
  • Using the "select none" : This option will deselect all facts and versions.


After you have finished with the selection, click on the button "delete"

The system confirms the successful deletion of the selected facts.

users - inhalte löschen bestätigung [en] - 273294.1

info3 - 125057.2
Access to not deleted version: Versions which were not selected during the deleting process are still available on your platform. However, they are hidden which means they are not displayed. In order to access these versions, you need to know the exact infoID (see chapter "Meaning of the infoID").

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