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Permissions control who is able to read, edit and delete a fact.
Permissions are assigned while creating and editing content.

The following permissions are available on factline platforms:

General permissions

berechtigungen lesen.png - 170951.3readRead-permitted groups can only read the fact, but they cannot edit, hide or delete it.
berechtigungen bearbeiten.png - 170950.3modifyModify-permitted groups can read, edit, hide and delete the fact.

Additional permissions for folders

berechtigungen anlegen.png - 170948.3work Work-permitted groups can add facts to the folder. However, they cannot modify the folder itself (i.e. change the folder title, edit the folder description).

Additional permissions for forums

users - berechtigungen icon topic - 170975.3create topic These groups are allowed to create new topics in the forum.
users - berechtigungen icon post - 170976.2post These groups are only allowed to post messages in a topic.

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