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HTML export

You can export facts of the platform in HTML format.

In order to accomplish that, proceed as follows:

|1| Choose "List Platforms" or "List Platforms & Statistics" from the main menu in sadmin by clicking on it.

|2| Select the desired platform to be modfied by clicking on it.

Choose "Create a HTML export" by clicking on it.

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  Select the groups that should be checked if they have READ permission for the facts to be exported.

Note: If only "Any User" is checked then facts that can be read by a guest or any logged-in user will get exported. The more groups you select, the more facts will be exported.

|5| Enter "Export ticket name" in the input mask.

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Export ticket name - As the export is very slow, takes a lot of system resources, and can make the Hard disc drive of the server become full, thus crushing the whole server, the system administrator needs to be informed and issue to you an one-time export ticket.

|6| Click on "BEGIN EXPORT" to start the export process.
Note: Do not click any links and do not change the page until the export is finished.

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