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Combined delegate permissions groups

Combinined delegate permissions groups:


Explanation by example:

If there are two groups of folders.

The first one (Group A = 'n') containing two folders and the second one (Group B = 'm') containing also two folders.

When these two groups are added to a combined delegate permissions group, the system will automatically create 'n x m' Virtual Groups.


The created Virtual Groups are a concrete form of the folders Delegate permissions for the content of a folder.


In this case, these would be:        


  2 x 2 = 4 Virtual Groups



combined_groups.png - 5892366.1



 In this case the created Virtual Groups would be:

Project A - Planner
Project A - Legal

Project B - Planner

Project B - Legal


So, this way, a fact, that is published via Multiple Assignment  with a Project and Document-Type assigned, will automatically be published with the correct Virtual Group.

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