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In-Platform Admin

This functionality enables the P-Admin of a platform to manage groups and users within a platform.



For activation just login in P-Admin Interface:

Interface> Advanced page layout configuration> IN-PLATFORM (P)ADMIN OPTIONS


Working on the platform: 

(1) Log in with your (P-Admin) username.


(2) Click on the In-Platform Admin link or if there is none change the url in the address bar of your browser into: http://url/admin/main.htm?/forumid=XXX , where url should be replaced with the address of your platform and forumid with it's id.


(3) Now you have the following options:


  • Users Management (In-Platform Admin)

    After clicking "Users management" an overview of all users will be displayed with the following information:

    • Username: This is the name of the user's account from a specific person (click on the username to see the user's profile)
    • Name: First and last name of a user
    • reg.: The date of registration
    • login: Information about the last login - if there is no information, then the user has never logged in to the platform
    • Groups: information about grou

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  • Groups Management (In-Platform Admin)

    At the very beginning the following two system groups are automatically available on your platform:


    Universe Everyone! That is to say users who are logged in and users who are not logged in. (It is not possible to assign users to this group. Therefore, you do not see it in the group overview of the p-admin interface.)
    Platform Main Group                                             Each user who registers on your platform is automat

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  • Automatic group assignment (In-Platform Admin)

    If you know who is going to register or log on to your platform, you can use the function "automatic group assignment". All you need to do is to insert the e-mail addresses of the respective person(s) in a list.

    You can either insert one e-mail address after the other or upload a list with all e-mail addresses. If you are expecting a lot of registrations, we recommend to upload a list with emails.

    Requirements for an e-mail list
    - The li

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  • Mandatory permissions (In-Platform Admin)

    Permissions are defined for each individual fact. Usually, the publisher can set permissions on his/her own. The option “Mandatory Permissions” allows the p-admin to either provide users with a mandatory pre-selection of permissions or to leave them out completely.

    In order to set mandatory permissions, proceed as follows:

    Go to the In-Plarform Administration Interface 

    Now you see that the process of setting mandatory permissi

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