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Translating the system elements and content

To translate the platform system elements - e.g. structure and folder elements, several conditions should be fulfilled by the platform administrator:


|1| The language help should be enabled.

|2| Folder translation should be activated in padmin. In order to do so, proceed as follows:

|a| Go to pAdmin and log in with your administrator account.
|b| Click on Interface > Advanced page layout configuration
|c| Go to point "69. Folder translations" and check the checkbox

|d| Click on Save


|3| The translator's account should have administrator rights for the platform (configurable in s-admin).


There are two kind of translation processes: for services and for structure elements:


|1| Translating service elements


|a| Choose the language you want to translate in. Usually the language selectors are placed on the top right in the pathline of the platform. When you select a language, its font appears in bold.


|b| The next step is activating the translation's interface. To do so, click on the "Settings" link on the platform and then from the left frame select "Switch on/off translation Interface" in the "Settings" box.


|c| When you click on "On", the whole platform gets changed: now all elements, that can be translated, have a tiny label on their left side 1273429.png - 1279587.1. When you click on the label ( 1273429.png - 1279587.1 ), you get a new input form where you can write the translation of the word.


1273444.png - 1279586.1info3 - 125057.2

 In this example above you can see the default value of the expression and an input form next to the newly created language.


|d| Once the element is translated, the red label next to it will transform to a green one 1273446.png - 1279588.1 . If you want to edit the translation, just click on the green label and proceed with the desired changes.


info3 - 125057.2

While translating it is important to navigate through the whole platform in order to translate all its elements.


There are two more options for platform translations :

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