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Create subgroups

In addition to groupsSubgroups can be created at any time.


In order to create a subgroup, proceed as follows:


|1| Go to pAdmin -> Groups & Users -> Edit groups


|2| Create a main group, or use a previously created one.


|3| Click on the button add_subgroups.PNG - 1463138.1


|4| An input form opens:


create_subgroups.png - 1463139.2


|5| Fill in the required information:


|a| First write the name of the subgroup.


|b| Give a short description of the subgroup.


|c| From the specified list of already registered users on the platform choose those which should be members of the subgroup.


|6| In order to finish adding the subgroup, click on "Create group" below the input mask, or click on the "Cancel"-button to stop the process.


For further information about how to add users to subgroups, please click here.


info3 - 125057.2

Please, pay attention to Functionality rules for master groups and subgroups.


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