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User groups - general information

If factline has not done initial adjustments, your platform is still empty. Nobody can create content, because permissions have not been assigned yet. As permissions are usually assigned to groups, the very first step is to create user groups.

The following system groups are automatically available on your platform:


Everyone! That is to say users who are logged in and users who are not logged in. (It is not possible to assign users to this group. Therefore, you do not see it in the group overview of the p-admin interface.)
[platform] main group: Each user who registers on your platform is automatically added to this group. The name of your platform is automatically assigned to the group name (e.g. "my platform main group"). The name can be adapted by the p-admin.

The following system groups are used on few platforms:

Guests are users who are not logged in.
Users who are registered on any FCS-platform.

In addition to the system groups, you can add individual groups. In order to do so, the following steps need to be completed:

info3 - 125057.2
Authorise individual persons - Permissions can either be assigned to groups or to individual persons. For further information see chapter  "Advanced permissions ".

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