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Create groups


In addition to the pre-defined system groups, you can create your own groups at any time. However, it is recommended to give the group structure a lot of thought at the very beginning. Major changes in the group structure may result in a huge amount of additional time and effort.

We recommend creating a group called "administration" first. You should assign yourself to this group and provide it with write permissions for all services (see chapter Assign service permissions).

In order to create groups, proceed as follows:

|1| Choose "Groups & Users" from the main menu by clicking on it.

|2| Click on the “modify”-button in the row "Editing groups”.

|3| Now, you see a list of groups which you can edit. (Please note: You cannot edit the system groups “universe”, “users” and “guest”.) In the beginning, only the platform main group is listed. Click on “add group” on the left side.

pAdmin - group add [en] - 245796.2

|4| An input form opens. Enter a group name and a short description. In addition, you see a listing of all the users who are already registered on the platform. Select those users which should become members of the group.

Create_group_padmin.png - 136561.6

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User info - Every username is a link. As soon as you click on one of these links, you will see the available information regarding this user.
|5| In order to finish adding the group, click on "Create group" below the input mask. In order to stop the process, click on the "Cancel"-button.

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What are user groups for? - The p-admin assigns access permissions for services to groups (see chapter "Assign service permissions"). In addition, users decide which groups should be allowed to read and edit their content during the publication process (see chapter "Assign service permissions").

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