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Include the whole content from a folder

Now you can include the whole content of a folder in a fact. Moreover, you can add new content in the folder directly from that fact. Please, proceed as follows in order to create a folder include:

(1) Factinclude  the folder by clicking on the factinclude button tinymce_icon_factinclude.png - 1123600.2 of the TinyMCE  editor.


(2) Then select a folder and add  includeall="1" in the "OR enter manual options:" field


folder_include.PNG - 1544756.1


and click on "Insert".


(3) When you look at your fact you will see the folder`s content (if it is not empty) and an "add" button above the content. By clicking on this button, the template form will open and you will be able to publish your new content direcly in the folder.

ordnerinclude add.png - 1544759.2


For advanced users: Please, see also factinclude for folders and Create a factinclude of a folder for easy fact publishing  in order to improve the functionality and to style the appearance.


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